Headphone Concerto

Artist : Amp Live
Title: Headphone Concerto
Release date : 08/05/14
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1. No.1 In D Minor Op. 1- Amore
2. Last Wall Feat. The Grouch & Eligh
3. Flight in G Minor Feat. Dirty Cello
4. Signs Feat Eric Rachmany
5. Run Back Feat Saint Tiimbre
6. IHEARTHIPHOP Feat Planet Asia, Opio, Mike G, Gift of Gab, & Codany Holiday
7. No.1 In D Minor Op. 2- Potencia
8. Rememberance
9. Are We Dancing Feat Ill Esha
10. 100,000 Watts
11. No.2 In B Minor Op.3-Muziki
12. Penny Nickel Dime Feat. Anya & Prof
13. The Formula Feat Sol
14. Hustle 360 Feat Povi Tamu


Amp Live – Penny Nickel Dime (feat. Anya & Prof)

Official video for “Penny Nickel Dime” by Amp Live feat. Anya & Prof from the new album, “Headphone Concerto”

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Amp Live – Closer to the sun (Colorado Dreamin’)

Itunes : http://georiot.co/1MXX

Featuring The Reminders, Joe Lessard of Whiskey Blanket, and Timeline

Directed By: Nathan Letteer
Production Manager: Megan MacGrath

Amp Live – Brass Knuckles

Amp Live teams up with the talented saxophonist Dom of Big Gigantic to bring you the massive single “Brass Knuckles“, available now for free download and on all digital retailers.

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Amp Live – D.H.E.A.

“D.H.E.A. featuring James Melo
Song produced by Amp Live

A film by Raul Sanchez
Produced by Matt Zolly
Directed by R.J. Sanchez





D.H.E.A. single

Artist: Amp Live
Release date : April 2nd, 2013
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Tracklist :
1 D.H.E.A. (feat. James Melo) [Original] 4:46
2 D.H.E.A. (Shortcircles Remix) [Shortcircles Remix] 5:44
3 D.H.E.A. (Instrumental) [Instrumental] 3:36
4 D.H.E.A. (Radio Edit) [feat. James Melo] [Radio Edit] 4:00


Amp Live has been labeled as one of cali’s most talented and diverse music producer/artist. After his dreamy soulful beats for the hip hop group Zion I, he has been able to officially remix and produce for major and independent artist such as Bassnectar, Green Day, Akon(Warner), Pretty Lights, Atmosphere,  RebelutionMGMT, Tyler the Creator, Linkin Park, Goapele, The Submarines, Big Gigantic, the Grouch and Eligh.

Most importantly, a major factor in Amp Live’s  success has also been his critcally acclaimed “Rainydayz Remixes” album for the rock group  Radiohead‘s  In Rainbows LP.   Always experimenting, Amplive uses elements of rock, electronic music, jazz, and hip hop to combine genres and make them fit together well.


 In the past years, Amp Live has been a part of the video game industry, having his production being one of the main features for the Sony Traxxpad and also a basketball player character in the NBA 2K6 to the newly released 2K12 video game.

Finally, Amp’s beats have been featured on a number of movies,  tv shows, and commercials, which include CSI, MTV’s The Buried Life, Nestle’s “Wonka Candy-Feed Your Imagination” series, “So You Think You Can Dance“,  “Dirt” by Courtney Cox, “Friday Night Lights“, “Honey“, “Big Fat Liar”,”Leperchaun 4″, “Americas Top Model” by Tyra Banks, and the ESPN Sports center.


Not only has Amp Live proven it is possible to master of the art of making any music in any genre relevant and interchangeable, but also has been on the fore front of innovation in stage performances.

For the past decade Amp has thought unconventional to his showmanship.  Always using a variety of custom made equipment(including a one of a kind drum machine guitar) with the combination of vibey visuals, and featured live musicians, he has dazzled audiences worldwide, while also keeping them dancing.