Astrobal Reworked

Artist: Astrobal
Title: Reworked
Release Date: March 13th, 2012
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Astrobal ‘Reworked’ – A dream within a dream

Multi-talented Emmanuel Mario led many a sonic adventure, both as an experimented musician (Arnaud Fleurent-Didier, Holden, Institut) and as a coveted producer (Laetitia Sadier) before giving flight to his own very personal project, Astrobal. His first EP, “Poetry & Science-Fiction”, propelled pop and electronica particles into fascinating new territories to the very boundaries of memory and the unknown, unveiling successive layers of folktronica with each listen: cinematic landscapes, reminiscences of theme music, images and childhood memories as well as dreamy and contemplative introspection. Not to mention a propensity towards travelling, exploring time frames, space and riveting sounds in as many poetic, visual, imaginary and sensorial experiments. Through “Poetry & Science-Fiction”, the dusk contained within was at last brought to light, and Astrobal never let formal minimalism impede upon the formation of an internal melodic cosmogony that proved both lush and acutely sensitive.

Emmanuel had dreamt of signing with Plug Research, a reference in terms of labels according to him. Now that he cradles this dream in the palm of his hand, he has chosen to bestow it upon other artists, musicians and remix maestros, allowing them to further extend paths taken, veer off into new directions or dream it themselves in turn. Astrobal ‘Reworked’ showcases eleven of the twenty proposals that were submitted. Eleven recreations, revisitings, in as many rebounds and ricochets. The eponymous theme of “Poetry & Science-Fiction” and its haunting backing vocals bounce over Thost’s beats, whilst Tom Terrien and Flairs bring the epic poems that lie at the heart of Astrobal’s fragile, raw and organic sonic forays to the foreground on “Will” and “Le Continent”. Equally inspired by “Will”, Levon Mateossian offers a stirring performance on “Les caresses des filles” where lurks the hedonistic spirit of Sébastien Tellier. Elsewhere Charlie Cole, who sang on the hypnotic “Trains”, contributes a stripped-down, luminous and soulful interpretation of the standout track. Whether they float at the fringes or lie at the very heart of the new horizons contained herein, Astrobal’s visions and Emmanuel Mario’s voice are here reclaimed and become manyfold, offering new constellations to be visited again and again.

Nicolas Bogaerts
Many thanks to Naïma Carthew for translation