Bilal on the Mo’Nique show

Just in case you missed Bilal on the Mo’Nique show, here is the link. Enjoy and feel free to share as far and wide as you’d like to.

CLICK here to watch it.

BILAL – Soul Train Awards (video)

Bilal’s Tainted Love

This is a jam session. An act of improvisation without preparation.
Is This Love, was the first video we brought you from singer Bilal and composer/arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. To say that the feedback was good is an understatement.
Today is a video continuation of the Bilal and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Bomb Shelter saga entitled, “Tainted Love.”
Know by many as Synthpop duo Soft Cell’s big hit in 1981, “Tainted Love” was originally composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of The Four Preps and originally recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 as the B-side to “My Bad Boy’s Coming Home”. The original version was by no means a commercial success. In fact, it was a flop. However, in 1973, while British club DJ Richard Searling was on a trip to the U.S., he purchased a copy and found the Motown-influenced sound was a perfect match for the music movement with was growing in the UK club scene referred to as “Northern Soul. Searling took the song and popularized it.
With new found popularity, Gloria Jones tried again, re-recording “Tainted Love” in 1976. But this again failed to chart.
Several years later, Soft Cell, the vocal-synth pop duo that took the popular track and released a slower, synth and rhythm heavy version in 1981. It reached #1 on 18 different charts.
So now, we’re back to the beginning. Bilal, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Daedelus, and more, in the studio jamming away to Gloria Jones’ original version of that great 1964 song.
It’s just pure energy. The musicians, the movements, the sounds..
No overdubs, no retouches, just 100% LIVE.

Bilal x KEXP

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Bilal stopped into KEXP on the early part of his West Coast tour and performed a really amazing acoustic set of the new album. Here are some photos as well as a link to the songs. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to his performance.

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Bilal – Is this Love

Artist: Bilal
Song Is This Love (Written by Bob Marley)
Label: Plug Research
Director: Greg Ponstingl
Copyright: © 2010 Plug Research Music

Is This Love FREE Track here.

This was a very special day that sometimes feels can only take place in Los Angeles. The weather was perfect, the studio was reminiscent of a studio in Capitol Records during the 60’s. We truly hope you will enjoy this video as much as we do. Bob Marley lives on through this Bilal rendition.

We approached Bilal with the idea of doing cover songs and approached miguel individually. They are both very fond of each other. Bilal worked on Suite For Ma Dukes and the Grand Performances concert for Miguel. Miguel laid down some work on bilals record (Think It Over, Levels) and they have been working together for some time now.

It was Bilals idea to work on Is This Love. Miguel booked the awesome musicians and wrote basic charts. Bilal made sure to get the sound he was looking for. We recorded a couple of songs during this session. If folks are lucky enough, they will be released a little later in the campaign. If not, then you might just have to wonder for yourself how amazing Portisheads “Strangers” and Soft Cells “Tainted Love” came out.

Executive Producer: Tom Bacon
Produced By: Plug Research
Shot by: Greg Ponstingl and Denny Kim
Edited by Greg Ponstingl
Recorded by Benjamin Tierney
Mixed by: Benjamin Tierney & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Bilal (vocals)
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (musical director, violin)
Om’Mas Keith (piano)
Dennis Hamm (rhodes)
Brandon Coleman (organ)
Marcel Camargo (guitar)
Gabe Noel (bass)
Gene Coye (drums)
Allakoi Peete (percussion)