Video – robots (Hazeem remix)

Bilal – Robots (Hazeem remix) from Plug Research on Vimeo.

Mikael Columbo decided to remix his video since we were doing a remix EP. Enjoy!

To purchase the remixes, here.

To hear the rest of the remixes, here.

Little one (music video)

Little One is a track off of Bilals latest album, Airtights Revenge, in which he pays homage to eldest son who suffers of Autism.
Directed by : Mathew A Cherry
Producer : Scott Hebert
Production Co: Transparent Filmworks
Starring : Dorian Missick , Erica Hubbard & Sinorice Moss

BILAL – Levels

We are so excited to set off the year correctly! 2011 is here and we wanted to share with you something we and a lot of very special people have worked super hard on. Bilals new “Levels” Video directed by Plug Alumni, Flying Lotus.

To celebrate, the awesome Ken Bts. has given us an awesome remix to share with everyone.

We also have a remix available by Sonnymoon and a re-edit by Flying Lotus available on itunes.

An Election Day Special: Bilal’s Robots

On this Election Day 2010, Bilal teams up with French director Mikael Colombu to bring you “Robots”. Come along and join us on this multi-media journey as we see the world of politics through Bilal’s eyes. Mikael’s ability to translate Bilal’s words into imagery, gives us a chance to properly reflect on his ideology of modern times.

To Bilal, people are becoming more like robots through the use of manipulative propaganda by corporate media . This video is his way of opening everyone’s eyes to the truth. As you watch “Robots” you’ll soon find yourself paying very close attention to what is really going on.

Pass this along, and help the robots amongst us.

And don’t forget to make a change by voting today.

Restart official music video

Bilal has been putting in his work. This is the first official music video for “Airtights Revenge“, shot by Michael Sterling Eaton. Restart is the lead single off of the album, and its getting major buzz in the industry. The video portrays arid and evocative scenes. These are moments in motion, breathing life into chromatic-toned images. This simply cannot be a passive viewing and listening experience – the video works its way into your daily psyche and spirit. Layers of guitars, keyboards, and sculpted sound samples
wash over you, while Bilal’s lyrics create vibrant and emotional scenes. Take a walk with Bilal, see the world, and have your fun…