Bilal’s Interview With Director Mikaël Colombu

Director Mikaël Colombu and Bilal have collaborated on several projects in the past. The most recent being the Robots video that we debuted on The Sounds of VTech on Election Day 2010. This time around, Colombu plays not only the role of director, but of interviewer as well. Take a look and see Bilal answer some questions you might have about his new album, Air Tight’s Revenge.

I gave Bilal random card questions before that unforgettable Paris ‘Bellevilloise’ show he did in July, 2010. Here he talks of the name Airtight, the Love for Sale LP, and K-CI Hailey from Jodeci. On or off that stage, Bilal is a pleasure to film and I think I could do that all day everyday. The individual strikes you with a certain lightness of being and a false carelessness that’s very amusing, if not hilarious. His on stage self is literally Shakespearian at times. I guess it’s only worth noting because it’s a plus on top of why we legitimately love him. I hope you enjoy this small moment of time we shared with Bilal. – Mikaël Colombu

BILAL – Soul Train Awards (video)

Bilal on Mo’Nique show

Bilal will be on the Mo’ Nique show tomorrow (Dec. 1st, 11pm EST)

DOWNLOAD: Bilal – All Matter

DOWNLOAD the track “All Matter” on

Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge is one of the best R&B albums of the year, and “All Matter” is the album’s best track. A minor-key ballad set atop turbulent drums, the song is made by Bilal’s unbelievable vocal performance, especially a surging “What is love?!” at the chorus and corkscrew, asymmetric singing in the verses. A sophisticated yet immediate track, Bilal shows how, even after a nine year (!) delay, he’s still in the vanguard of contemporary R&B. Airtight’s Revenge is out now on Plug Research.

Exile’s Remix of Bilal’s Think it Over

For you mid-week enjoyment,VTech and Plug Research Music bring you L.A. based producer Exile’s incredible remix of Bilal’s “Think it Over”, delving deeper into Bilal’s forte of bittersweet blues tunes. The track, co-written by Hezekiah, fondly recounts longing for a love lost – realizing that space is sometimes needed for time to work its healing magic.

Exile manages to update the track’s original throw-back feel (produced by 88-Keys) with added kick-drums, chants, haunting echoes, and resonating basslines, while still capturing the overall essence of the first version. This remix is a perfect example of the exceptional work that we’ve become accustomed to from Exile. Download, press play, close your eyes, and commence to reminiscing.