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21 March 2012

This is a free compilation that we wanted to share with everyone. All brand new music coming out on plug during the spring quarter of 2012. We have been at this for the last 15 years and at some point this year, we will have had our 200th release. This is the year of letting go. Opening the flood gates of Plug Research for all to enjoy all of the wonders we have in our vaults.

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Lee Bannon – Fantastic Plastic LP

29 February 2012

Artist: Lee Bannon
Title: Fantastic Plastic LP
Cat#: PLG115-D
Release Date: February 28, 2012
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Boombox event

27 February 2012

Very special Remix of Bilal’s “Who Are You”

23 February 2012

To celebrate his new full length release on Plug Research, Lee Bannon decided to put his touch on one of Plug Researchs artists, Bilal. Very special Remix of “Who Are You”, off of Airtights Revenge. What a master piece Airtights Revenge was! Lee Bannon hits this remix right on target!

Lee Bannon on itunes

Bilal on itunes

Lee Bannon’s “All That Beat Cast”

9 February 2012

Fantastic Plastic is just around the corner and to celebrate, Lee Bannon decided to create epic 10+min sagas. Here is part one, the “All That Beat Cast”. Stay tuned for more as we celebrate his upcoming release on

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