Myth Syzer – Zero EP

Artist : Myth Syzer
Title: Zero EP
Release date : 11/08/13
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1 Diamand 4:33
2 M3 Myth Syzer 4:08
3 Act Right 4:00
4 D Cup & Blue Sky 3:34
5 Bonbon a La Menthe (feat. Bonnie Bannane) 3:32
6 Suzanne 4:05
7 Clean Shoes (feat. Prince Waly) 2:21
8 Jolie Fille 4:07

Myth Syzer – 2nRemixes

Parisian producer Myth Syzer leaks his debut e.p. 2nRemizes.
Stylistically he manages to blend beautiful soundscapes, with heavy bottom bass, and trap oriented beats.
There are three original tracks, and 2 remixes he worked up for Iggy Azaela, and Wiz Khalifa‘s “Work”.
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Myth Syzer – ZEro EP available 11/5/2013
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Full length release available February 2014.


New free EP from Myth Syzer !

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This is the music I love and the sound I want to achieve right now. To picture it, take a slow-motion surfer who on a at midnight tsunami surf. He falls, he’s gonna drown, he drowns. My music on this EP tells about this wave and his fall, in low-fi.” Myth Syzer

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