Naytronix – Nightmare

Directed by Christine Hucal
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Naytronix “Dirty Glow”

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Release date : 10/9/12

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Tracklist :
1. Hangin’ Out
2. In The Summer
3. Baby Don’t Walk Away
4. Turn Around
5. Lead The Way
6. Nightmare
7. Good Thing
8. Elevator To Tomorrow
9. Are You Ready For A Good Time
10. Robotic
11. Evil Dancer

Naytronix – Baby Don’t Walk Away (audio+video)

Naytronix “Dirty Glow” pre-order

Pre-order the upcoming release “Dirty Glow” from Naytronix.
2×10″ Red Vinyl
Release date : 10/9/12

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1.  Hangin’ Out 
2.  In The Summer 
3.  Baby Don’t Walk Away 
4.  Turn Around 
5.  Lead The Way 
6.  Nightmare 
7.  Good Thing 
8.  Elevator To Tomorrow 
9.  Are You Ready For A Good Time
10.  Robotic 
11.  Evil Dancer 

Plug Research Podcast #16 – Naytronix

Cannot Make it – Sly & the Family Stone
When the Going is Smooth & Good – William Onyeabor
Yes We Can – Part 1 – Lee Dorsey
Yaz Gazeteci Yaz – Selda
Self Portrait in three colors – Charles Mingus
Aht Uh mi hed – Shuggie Ottis
Tu Me Acostumbraste – Caetano Veloso
Regenmacher – RoedeliusSlugs – Beep
Melail auf Metall – Kraftwerk
You go to my head – Billie Holiday
Labyrinth Snacks – Beep (Mwahaha Remix)

The music I chose for this podcast is comprised of songs that had the biggest influence on me while making my own record.

The first track is from one of my favorites, Sly Stone, off of his first album, A Whole New Thing. I love hearing his early stuff because it’s a cool glimpse into what would become some of the most innovative R & B a few short years later. The horn parts are killing. And since Sly always has the most amazing music, it’s easy to forget how great his lyrics are, but they really are a treat.

Next up is William Onyeabor, a heavy Nigerian afro-funk master. This track was from his LP “Anything you Sow,” released in 1985. Onyeabor was introduced to me by the legendary DJ Fitz. Fitz is an Irishman who finds some of the rarest psychedelic groove jams from around the world. He has a podcast called DOODcast that is an amazing place to discover new music:

“Yes We Can” is the title track of the 1970 Lee Dorsey album produced by Allen Toussaint. The Meters were the backing band for this record and everyone is in top form, laying down some classic soul. I love the feel these guys get, and of course the bass line George Porter lays down. This is the sound of New Orleans soul music.

Heading in a completely different direction we land in Istanbul with Selda, another recent discovery of mine thanks to DJ Fitz. She immediately became one of my favorite singers and I don’t even understand Turkish, but the raw emotion in her voice transcends language.

Up next we have one of my favorite composers of all time, Charles Mingus. This tune showcases the sensitive side of Mingus, yet still has the right amount of dissonance. I love how he builds the tune using the same repeated chord cycle, then adds new melodies one at a time until by the end there are three different melodies laying on top of each other. Pure musical beauty, “Self Portrait in Three Colors”.

Keeping with a similar mood but heading back into the R & B world, I wanted to play this Shuggie Otis track. Love the vibe, the chords, the melody, the lyrics–everything about this song is so good.

I was recently introduced to Caetano Veloso by a friend and wanted to put him on this playlist so others would have a chance to discover him. He’s made a ton of albums starting in the late 60’s Brazilian scene, but merges his Brazilian roots with many other styles. Amazing musician/composer.

Rodelius is a German electronic experimental composer. He is extremely prolific, having put out more than 50 albums, and at age 77 he is still recording and performing. I love the sounds and percussive elements he uses. Truly one of the great composers and innovators of modern electronic music.

Keeping a similar vibe to Rodelius, I threw in this track from my experimental trio Beep. Beep is a collective that I play in with Michael Coleman, and Sam Ospovat. This tune, Slugs, is one of Michael’s tunes off our most recent album City of The Future.

I loved the way this Kraftwerk song fits right in with the Rodelius and Beep vibe. These Germans are legends and you can hear their impact on almost any modern hip hop or pop track.

Next taking it back to Billie Holiday, one of my favorite singers of all time. I really love this standard in particular. The chords really create the perfect atmosphere for her voice and the lyrics to shine through.

The final song is a remix of a Beep song that my good friend Ross Peacock did. Ross fronts the band Mwahaha, an Oakland psychedelic group that has been making waves in the local music scene. If you haven’t checked them out, now’s the perfect time.

Thanks for listening.

Naytronix Releases Futuristic First Single, “Robotic”

“Naytronix is the new project from the tUnE-yArDs’ bassist-turned-solo artist Nate Brenner. He’ll be releasing his debut LP, Dirty Glow, on October 9 via Plug Research.”

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Learn More About Naytronix:

Naytronix is an evil dance band cloned from the stem cells of multi-instrumentalist/producer Nate Brenner. His songwriting style is deeply rooted in the traditions of the future, which few alive today know anything about. And while the compositions are geared towards the sinister post-apocalyptic dance colonies that are on the verge of sprouting up around the world, an undeniably timeless funk is woven into the Naytronix hit machine.

Fashionable grooves merge with found sounds and homemade instruments to unsettling yet familiar effect, as humans play side-by-side with robots, intertwining in a nefarious tango until you don’t know where veins ends and circuitry begins.

Rumor has it Nate Brenner himself is half robot. The parties of the 23rd century never end. The world is bathed in the continuous dirty glow of evil summer twilight, and bands of 300 or more pick up anything they can hit and gather to play the music of Naytronix. This is pure speculation.
Brenner has been called, “The Bootsy Collins of Oakland, California,” where he currently resides. He is a native of the synthetic desert cities of William Onyeabor, the vanguard estates of Charles Mingus, and the family manor of Sly Stone.

As the bassist for genre-bending institutions tUnE-yArDs and Beep!, he is not a stranger to voyaging across his great many homelands and spinning platinum out of the resources he trades along the way.

Naytronix is the confluence of these worlds as well as of the virtues of the past and the dark exuberance lurking in the future. Brenner conducts the show with the exactitude of a subtle supervillain. Let the evil dance party begin.