At this point you probably still have a lot of questions. This man, this band… this PEGASUS WARNING. What is it? Who is it?
The answer is simple:
Follow your impulses
Demand your dreams
Come down from the mountain
begin again
be a thunderous cloud
and heed your calling…

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Track List:
1. Acoustiq
2. Nothing2show
3. Change
4. TrySoHard
5. Mountain

XMAS-Morn, a musical gift by Plug Research

Plug Research Music would like to wish everyone a very happy and joyful holiday season.
We look forward to bringing you many new sights and sounds in 2013. New releases from Mwahaha, Shortcircles, Meanest Man Contest, Coultrain, Pegasus Warning, Rondenian, Sene, Amp Live, Myth Syzer, Astrobal, and many more!

It is our pleasure to leave you with a small musical gift by new Plug Research artist Pegasus Warning.

All the best wishes in 2013

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Vocals, Music, Production: Pegasus Warning
Lyrics: Gordon Voidwell
Mastered: Robert Lux

Pegasus Warning on SPIN

Pegasus Warning features on “SPIN’s Best New Artists for November ’12”:

Nothing2Show (Single)

Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show (Single) by Plug Research

Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show

Directed and Edited by Christine Hucal
Produced by Spark(edIt) Arts
Mask by Wangechi Mutu
Necklace by WWAKE
Costuming by Anjia Jilac

Nothing2Show is off of Pegasus Warning’s upcoming EP Woof Ticket