Between waves

Artist : Shortcircles
Title: Between waves
Release date : 07/02/13

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Shortcircles “On My Mind” free Single

Up and coming producer Shortcircles out of Oakland, Ca gives us his debut single from his up coming full length release “Between Waves”
On My Mind features vocalist Sarah K. Melfy, and the single also includes an excellent remix by local LA producer Anenon.
Shortcircles is influenced by a lot of 90’s R&B, and you can definitely feel and hear the aesthetic on this single. We are always happy to bring you forward thinking, and interesting material, so please enjoy the free download of “On My Mind”, and make sure to keep Shortcircles on your radar in 2013.

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Between Waves

Artist: Shortcircles
Title: Between Waves
Release Date: June 18, 2013


Shortcircles is the moniker of Oakland resident Matthew Tammariello. After tinkering around with beats ever since he got his hands on a pirated computer program back in middle school, Tammariello began seriously pursuing production towards the end of his college years, debuting as Shortcircles in March of 2011 with a free EP for the local blog/net-label Mapzzz (ran by Oakland electronic music enthusiast and XLR8R staff writer Glenn Jackson). Tammariello’s initial efforts as Shortcircles took shape as pieces of instrumental bliss-hop—dreamy tracks which placed cool chords, chopped vocal samples, and sparsely poignant melodies atop mid-tempo hip-hop beats. In the time since, Tammariello’s productions have evolved and matured into more lush and distinctive sonic territory, as heard on his two EPs for Plug Research in 2012 and a handful remixes that have appeared all over the web in the past two years.


Now, Tammariello is ready to make his mark with his debut LP, Between Waves, out this May. Without a doubt his most introspective and ambitious release to date, the 10-track record is an immersive musical experience, one which takes its listeners deep beneath the airy textures and moody chords that lie at the base of Tammarielo’s songcraft and reveals a vast world of auditory wonders. Between Waves takes its share of twists and turns throughout its run, hitting on moments of shimmering ambience, soul-tinged electronic pop, and somehow jazzy-yet-futuristic hip-hop along they way.

Depending where the listener finds themselves in the record, they may hear echoes of Bonobo-style beatwork (“Tunnels”), come across piano-led slow jams (“Smiles”), or be coyly beckoned by Shortcircles’ lush, inviting brand of future-R&B (“On My Mind”). Through it all though, Tammariello finds a cohesive fabric in his knack for rich, angelic textures and subtly enthralling arrangements, all of which work to render the LP a profoundly inviting affair.


Fitting a handful of vocal collaborations amongst the tracklist—not to mention saxophone solos, live drums, chopped guitar, and, of course, a bevy of arpeggiated synth lines and repurposed samples—Between Waves is a debut album that reveals Shortcircles as a truly multi-faceted talent. In an era of electronic music that seems to find so many young producers reaching too eagerly towards flash-in-the-pan trends or dancefloor fame, Tammarielo is content to build patient productions that invite reflection as they carefully open up onto unexplored sonic worlds.

Plug Research Podcast #15 – Shortcircles

Notes from Shortcircles:

To be honest, all I’ve been listening to lately is Slum Village and D’angelo, but this podcast isn’t of music I’m just currently listening to. These songs in the podcast are ones that have sorta stuck with me since I first heard them and have had somewhat of an impact on the music I’ve been working on lately. The majority of this podcast was made during a flight from San Francisco to San Diego, so the selection of songs is meant to suit that feeling of being approximately 30,000 ft. above ground.++more++

++ Podcast section

Plug Research compilation : Free download !

This is a free compilation that we wanted to share with everyone. All brand new music coming out on plug during the spring quarter of 2012. We have been at this for the last 15 years and at some point this year, we will have had our 200th release. This is the year of letting go. Opening the flood gates of Plug Research for all to enjoy all of the wonders we have in our vaults.

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Shortcircles EP

Artist: Shortcircles
Title: Shortcircles
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Cat#: PLG119-D
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