Nothing Thought

Artist: Sonnymoon
Title: Nothing Thought
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Tracklist :
1 Nothing Thought 4:05
2 Nothing Thought (Natural Self Remix) 3:40

Sonnymoon – Sonnymoon

Artist : Sonnymoon
Album : Sonnymoon
Release date: May 22, 2012
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Tracklist :
1. Wild Rumpus
2. Greatness
3. ∞
4. Kali
5. Watersboiled
6. Flit, Fleet, Float
7. Nothing Thought
8. Universal Appeal
9. Others By
10. Zone 2
11. Every Summer Night
12. Just Before Dawn

Sonnymoon – Wild Rumpus

Artist : Sonnymoon
Wild Rumpus
Release date: May 17, 2012
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A few words from the Sonnymoon:
Sonnymoon encourages you to contact your animal side with Wild Rumpus, their second single off of their upcoming eponymous LP. As the title suggests, this cut questions what separates Human from Animal. it opens like the dawn with the morning sun, bright and boisterous, with the energy of a gang of thirsty animals at a watering hole. Forget your responsibilities and dance around like a fool for 4 minutes and 51 seconds, after which we promise you will feel more alive.
~ Dane∞Anna

Plug Research compilation : Free download !

This is a free compilation that we wanted to share with everyone. All brand new music coming out on plug during the spring quarter of 2012. We have been at this for the last 15 years and at some point this year, we will have had our 200th release. This is the year of letting go. Opening the flood gates of Plug Research for all to enjoy all of the wonders we have in our vaults.

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New single from Sonnymoon

Enjoy the new single from Sonnymoon, Just Before Dawn. Off of their forthcoming, self titled, debut LP.

+ See what LA Times had to say about it:

Sonnymoon – 2012 EP

For our first communiqué of 2012, we couldn’t be happier to share the new “Sonnymoon Sighting“.
We have a very LOADED schedule for 2012 and are excited to get things started right.

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2012 EP Tracklist

1. Near Me
2. Goddess
3. Morning Person
4. Machinery
5. Magician



2012: With this time now upon us there is a feeling of inevitable momentum forward through our man-made linear arches of time. In a day when it becomes harder and harder for artists to truly represent their cultural surroundings and sift through the monotony of the machine, Sonnymoon takes the opportunity to welcome the future with their EP, 2012. As a continuation of their previous foundation of sound laid down in 2010 with Golden Age, 2012 looks to the future with excitement and hope. This lush EP bubbles and flows with the feeling of space aged spirituals yet to come. Look not towards the future, friends, because the time is Now. Sonnymoon’s ‘2012’ EP is out now on Plug Research.


Anna has such a beautiful voice. its not just the studio. The decided to make a live version of “Near Me” to show that its just as special live:

The video was premiered on Jay Z’s Life + Times blog along with an with a q&a from Anna and Dane:

Video by Gordon Hendrick and Hunter Steinman


The Sonnymoon Story:
Once upon no time, countless light-years from Earth, the cosmos revealed the moment had come to take action. Sonnymoon, a mystical, nurturing, peaceful planet, found itself on a collision course with Earth, whose inhabitants had a dubious history of preaching peace yet living lives of war. History had once before shown that when worlds collide, the trauma of such a collision is forceful enough to cause a massive rip in the time/space continuum, throwing all things as we know it into uncharted territory. One effect of this rip is the potential for chaos, mayhem, and complete destruction. But, as fate would have it, Sonnymoon had written it quite differently.

As known on Sonnymoon, the people of Earth are able to vibrationally align with Sonnymoon through gradual contact. That which no longer serves the people will fall away, creating the Golden Age of being. This communion of vibrational frequency results in a vastly expanded collective consciousness. It is most easily achieved through the creation and sharing of music.

So as all planets do, Sonnymoon created the perfect beings to self-fulfill the prophecy. From the deepest depths of the sea they called forth an energy entity to be called Anna, comprised of feminine aspects: wisdom, water, land, emotion, passion, moonlight. From the core of the sun they called forth a polar energy to be named Dane, comprised of the masculine: intelligence, fire, wind, cognition, sunlight. Together they formed the perfect celestial balance of non-duality –embodying Sonnymoon itself. Anna and Dane soon set forth as journeymen, ambassadors of their world, and were given but one mission – find allies and prepare Earth for the energies of the coming planet, thereby averting catastrophe.

Upon first landing on Earth, they noticed the void was vast and deep. This would be no simple task. Dane quickly found that the music Earth most often communicated via airwaves was not indicative of the wants (or needs) of the people. Meanwhile, Anna was challenged to make sense of foreign concepts such as ignorance, mediocrity, and perhaps worst of all, suburbia. But they pressed on, creating music that undoubtedly expanded the minds of all that that were ready. And in due time, Sonnymoon found a powerful ally with the team at Plug Research.

Sonnymoon is part of the fertile ground by which the new and innovative springs forth. They are an army of the audible, a musical militia manned by two. There is no time to prepare sufficiently for their coming– they have already arrived and the mass-scale invasion is imminent. For those receptive to their transmission – prepare for your world to change.

Golden Age (self-released in December 2009)

1. Runaway
2. Golden Age
3. Gills or Wings
4. Interlude
5. Nursery Boys
6. Bungee
7. Soular
8. Soft Shoulders
9. Things To Come


Sonnymoon remixes Bilal’s “Levels”

Sonnymoon create a remix to Bilal’s “Levels” from the wonderful ‘Airtight’s Revenge.’ Stream the track below, and purchase the ‘Levels EP’ on iTunes.