Plug Research Podcast #14: Tensei

From the Vaults of Tensei!
1. Pressure ft. Scud One
2. Adad n Tensei -“Smoke it out”
3. The Primeridian ft. Mike Flo – “Full Throttle” (Instrumental)
4. Delta (You Changed)
5. Bilal ft. Adad “Robots” (Tensei Remix)
6. Its Mine
7. 4am
8. Listen Close ft. Scud One
9. Houston People
10. Walk on
11. Lucid
12. 97 Degree’s
13. Tribute
14. Fire flies
15. Wes Restless and Ill Legit “Too Familiar” (Tensei Remix Instrumental)
16. Stateless – “Ballad of NGB” (Tensei Remix Instrumental)
17. Giant City
18. Don’t Look Back
19. Take “Neon Beams” (Tensei Remix)

Mix by Tensei
Violin – Savoir Faire
Trumpet – Kafele Bandele
Vibes and stuff Mc Adad and Yaw of “The Ones”

*Tensei’s music between 2009 and 2011, general overview of what we do.
**Collection of unreleased songs, remixes, and sonic experimentation consisting of live instrumentation and beats