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Developed by none other than Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer, Thavius Beck, this short course takes you warp speed into performance and production using this powerful instrument!


Thavius Beck : free download

It is with great pleasure that we present you with our second official Thavius Beck release. In celebration and promotion of his new album, Thavius allowed us to go through his catalog of unreleased tunes and chose some of our favorites. He then mixed them into The “Symphony of the Spheres” mix tape that we present to you now. We wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to listen to this, regardless of their ability to afford it. Thus, we are making it available for free. Spread it far and wide !

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THAVIUS BECK and FRIENDS @ Downtown Independent

Free electronic music workshop presented by Dubspot LA!

Special presentations by DJ Thomas White of Natural Rhythm showing off Teenage Engineering’s OP-1
Professor Nalepa introduces a panel of his all-star students (including Virtual Boy, St. Andrew, and Papi) and Thavius Beck will be debuting Keith McMillens QuNeo controller live and in person!

Live visuals by OICHO video

Come out for a night of free music education brought to you by Dubspot LA! 7pm-midnight. FREE, all ages, and Open to the Pubilc

The Downtown Independent
251 S. Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Blu with Thavius Beck – no york e mo work (rmx z 1​.​3)

Never one for all the bells and whistles, Blu quietly dropped, as he put it, some “New Old Shit” this past weekend with no york e mo work (rmx z 1.3). The 9 track release is a remix album of one of the better LPs that never was (well never went retail at least), no york!. A few of the producers onboard to give the album a new feel include Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue, P.U.D.G.E., Hezekiah, God Lee Barnes (Blu), Thavius Beck, Von Pea, and Playa Haze


Plug Research compilation : Free download !

This is a free compilation that we wanted to share with everyone. All brand new music coming out on plug during the spring quarter of 2012. We have been at this for the last 15 years and at some point this year, we will have had our 200th release. This is the year of letting go. Opening the flood gates of Plug Research for all to enjoy all of the wonders we have in our vaults.

Download all 12 tracks, FREE. Share this with anyone and everyone!
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2012 – The Heavens Bleed Sunshine

Artist: Thavius Beck
Title: The Heavens Bleed Sunshine
DIGITAL UPC:886788669659
Release Date: February 21, 2012
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With the release of “The Heavens Bleed Sunshine” Thavius Beck takes us into his melting world of hip-hop, electro, and jazz. On this 5 track EP Thavius puts to good use his tuned ear for quality melodies and finely crafted baselines.
Being a respected producer for varying acts along with a background in the jazz community allows him to incorporate a wide range of sounds and instruments in his music. This project gives new listeners a taste of everything Thavius Beck has to offer and will win over long time fans with its true to form fusing of musical genres.

Tracklist :
1 Thanks 3:12
2 Watson 3:03
3 He’s a Mute 2:01
4 GLK Jack 3:23
5 Rationalizing Emotion 2:39