Complete discography


Year  Title  Artist Label
2012 The Heavens Bleed Sunshine Thavius Beck (Plug Research)
2011 Suicide Girls Must Die (feature length film) Thavius Beck (First Look Films)
2011 Crimson Tint EP  Thavius Beck/Kool Trasher/Debmaster (2-99 Records)
2009 Dialogue Thavius Beck (Mush/BigDada)
2009 Urban/Subsonic [EP] Thavius Beck (One Cell Records)
2008 Touchtone remix Daedelus (NinjaTune)
2008 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow K-the-I??? (Mush/BigDada)
2008 CanIGetItHowYouLive? [7″ EP] Labwaste
2007 The Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust Saul Williams
2007 Give Us Free Thavius Beck (HipHopCore)
2007 Survivalism Tardusted and OpalHeartClinic remixes Nine Inch Nails (Universal records)
2006 THRU Thavius Beck (Mush Records)
2005 Black Stacey Remix Saul Williams featuring Nas (officially unreleased)
2005 Zwarte Achtegrond Labwaste (Temporary Whatever)
2004 Saul Williams Saul Williams (Fader records)
2004 Decomposition Thavius Beck (Mush Records)
2003 Manipulator Adlib (Kcrown Pocket)
2002 Advanced Sound Unit Adlib/Thavius Beck
2000 Operating the Generator vol. 1 & 2 Adlib
2000 Experience Experiments Adlib/Thavius Beck
2000 Save Us Adlib/Thavius Beck (Meanstreet Records)
1999 The Nucleus Global Phlowtations
1999 Tune In Adlib
1998 ’98 Unheard Global Phlowtations
1998 VS. [EP] Adlib
1996 Phlowtation Devices Global Phlowtations