Anthony Valadez – Good Lookin’ (feat Bird)

“Good Lookin'” by Anthony Valadez feat. Bird
off AntVala’s release “IN SEARCH OF…” on PlugResearch

Anthony Valadez – In search of…

Artist : Anthony Valadez
Title: In search of…
Release date : 03/18/14
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1 Intro (feat. The Decoders) 3:34
2 Freedom (feat. Miles Bonny) 3:17
3 Zack’s Thesis (feat. Zack Sekoff) 2:46
4 Good Lookin’ (feat. Bird) 2:47
5 Ghost Ridin’ (feat. Thurz and Johnny Polygon) 3:12
6 Searching For (feat. Miles Bonny) 2:50
7 Breathe (feat. Rep Life and Spinnerty) 4:21
8 The Runner (feat. Nanna.B) 4:02
9 Stars Above (feat. Jimetta Rose) 3:53
10 Switch It Up (feat. Kathrin deBoer of Belleruche) 3:43
11 Naive (feat. The Precious Lo’s) 2:21
12 Outro 2:20


Anthony Valadez – Searching For

OKP is proud to premiere “Searching For”, the first single off LA airwave champion Anthony Valadez‘s sophomore LP In Search Of.. . Its a feathery slow jam laced with clean 808s, fluttering hi-hats, a candied Rhodes groove and Miles Bonny‘s mid-range croon. Originally intended as a straight instrumental LP, In Search Of.. morphed into the organic soul review that it is, due to the breadth of musicianship and vocalists Vala had access to during the recording process. The result is a timeless blend of modern tonal textures and vintage r&b sensibilities that keeps your head bopping through and through. So go rock with Anthony Valadez and Miles Bonny as they clue you into what they’re “Searching For” below. You can cop In Search Of.. on March 18th via the Plug Research imprint.



Anthony Valadez – Zack’s Thesis

Artist : Anthony Valadez
Title: Zack’s Thesis
Release date : 11/19/13
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Directed by Holly Gable-Port
Additional camera : Ray Giarratana
Editors : Peter Dean and Kaye Breeman

Anthony Valadez – Asleep feat Anna Wise

Mix from Anthony Valadez

“A very eclectic alphabet soup mix boasting tons of remixes, mashups and originals of pop r&b and hip hop tunes. 2 step, UK funky, hip hop, downtempo, drum & bass, house, neo soul, world… get your fill!”

Anthony Valadez: Asleep on KCRW

Anthony Valadez is today’s top tune on KCRW. Check it out:

Anthony Valadez – Underwater feat Mar & The Park

Anthony Valadez new work + Free track

We are pleased to present Anthony Valadezs’ new work, “Just Visiting” to the world. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Anthony thought it would be good to giveaway the track, “Walking Away” featuring Plug Research Alumni, Damon Aaron! All things come full circle and we are happy to be releasing another Damon Aaron GREAT! Enjoy Valadezs’ new diggs and if it moves you, make sure to show your support by picking up his full length album on CD, Vinyl, or Itunes.

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Anthony Valadez – Just Visiting

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