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This album is about transformation. It’s about what you’re constantly becoming, thru experiences, trauma, contemplation, experimentations. All these emotions that cross you, how they shape you, how they influence what you transmit, i wanted to express how beautiful and rich they are, because they always get you somewhere that counts. Enjoy.

Brown and Green :

This track started with an improvisation on my piano, this gimmick came under my fingers, i recorded it and all the rest followed very fluently and naturally. Naturally because this « ritournelle » brought to my mind this image of when you look at the top of the trees moving and follow the moves induced by the wind. I wanted to transmit that freshness and that kind of static wandering with « Brown and Green ».

QB :

This one is a « made in one day » composition. I like to do that sometimes, give me a time deadline to finish a composition and be happy with it. I did it just after i burried my cat (QB was her name) , who had been my sweetest companion after 8 years. It was a sad day but i wanted to bring light to it and sort of accompany her with those elevating harmonies.

From, To :

« From, to » is the track which initiated that album. At first it was a « new gear experience » track, just got my new drum machine (a wonderful Vermona Drm 1 mk II, lover her !) and some eurorack synth made by a dear friend of mine (check GuinGuin Instrument, love him too !) and i began letting myself go with those new toys and it shaped the sound i wanted to have on this record. It quickly became a joyful ode to transformation, without boundaries.

Hommage :

An obvious tribute to Erik Satie. Why ? He was an amazing musical alchemist, he was free, he’s part of my dna.

Family Tree (Feat FAAWS):

In the period in which i did this record i lived in a big farm by the countryside, it gave me a lot of bucolic inspiration, and it was thanks to some good friends who happen to make music too, FAAWS.

As many of my tracks, i was first improvising on the piano, with realtime treatments fx and stuff, my roommates loved this track, we finished it together, very spontaneously, the voice of Aurelie just landed perfectly on the instrumental. It’s all about preservation and respect.

Moved By :

A synth improv that became the representation of what happens when i’m moved by someone. I know i’m very emotional J.

Solace :

I needed some emptiness and space. I sat down in my studio and did this kind of melancolic discussion between kind people.

Instant Relief (feat Holy) :

This one gave me some hard time and Olivier who sings on it helped me figue rit out so much ! He’s the singer of a cool band i know « Budapest », cool bunch of peeps ^^.

It’s a strange experience, a song caught between past and present, all about perception, transformation again, a sci fi short cut full of neon and cliff hangers.

Still and Allright :

Title says it all. Static travels, joy of stillness.

Never Really Gone :

This one is all about a trauma that haunt’s you, turning and turning, you try to free yourself from it, you manage to, because now it’s a part of you.