Plug Research Podcast #1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may we present the first ever Plug Research Podcast!!!

You can listen to it here:
Plug Research Podcast #1

The tracklisting:
1. Milosh- The City- Meme- Releases March 7th
2. GB- Inner Temple- In the Loop Vol. 3- Releases Feb. 21st
3. Poly- He Is At the Discotheque- The Sound of LA Vol. 1- Releases Feb. 7th
4. Roommate- Tuesday- Songs the Animals Taught Us- Releases April 18th
5. Build an Ark (Dimlite Remix)- The Blessing Song- Build an Ark Remixes- Out Now
6. Flying Lotus- Two Bottom Blues- The Sound of LA Vol. 2- Releases Feb. 7th
7. David Thomas Broughton- Ever Rotating Sky- The Complete Guide to Insufficiency- Out Now

DTB on Textura

Our favorite avant-folker David Thomas Broughton has scored another lovely review from the good folks at Textura. Check it out here, as well as the rest of the great content on the site:


New and Improved Blog!!!

Hey all,

We’ve been promising to update this blog for some time now, but we’re finally doing it! From now on, expect daily posts, videos, podcasts, and the occasional rare or exclusive track. Plug Research loves you in 2006

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