Plug Research is pleased to announce that Ola Podrida’s self-titled debut has been nominated for “Americana Album of the Year” at this years Plug Independent Music Award (no relation to Plug Research) and we need your help. As the winners of the awards are chosen by the public, please take a couple of minutes and click on the link below and submit your vote for Ola Podrida. If you can, please forward to your friends as well. Every vote counts, unlike some elections.

Thanks in advance for your support. If you would like to hear more songs by Ola Podrida, please go to or Their album is available at all music stores or digital stores everywhere.

Here’s what the press is saying about Ola Podrida:
“Ola Podrida is a cohesive, confident album full of folky, quiet guitars and thoughtful lyrics that coalesce into complete songs” – Pitchfork, Rating: 8.0
“Instruments layer together subtly and deftly, creating an atmosphere that brings to mind the wide Western plains or old, not-quite-forgotten lovers.” –, Artist of the Day
“Ola Podrida excels at creating a beautifully atmospheric mood, as well as gentle beauty that’s both spacious and deceptively complex.” – NPR, Song of the Day
“Ola Podrida isn’t just a strikingly accomplished debut—it’s near-essential listening for anyone who’s been taken with the recent turn in some parts of the indie cosmology towards folkier and more countrified sounds.” – Stylus Magazine
“Writers like to say stupid stuff about music like this being a soundtrack to your life, but really, put your life on hold for 46 minutes.” – Popmatters

About the Plug Independent Music Awards:
PLUG is about the independent music community coming together to recognize our own. We’re fans from every walk of the music world who gather each year to recognize the artists who live and flourish in the margins of mainstream culture. While many of the artists on the PLUG ballot are well known to fans steeped in the independent music world, most are nowhere near the household names they deserve to be.

How does it work? Each fall, we gather the PLUG Cartel (advisory board of 250-300 people who select the nominees), and after collecting/tallying the votes, the official nominees are announced in the form of an online ballot. Fans from around the world then logon to vote the winners who are announced at the PLUG Independent Music Awards Ceremony and Concert in March.