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Anthony Valadez – Fade Away, Album Release 11/4/2016

Never have I met a man with the creative momentum of Anthony Valadez. The brother is never not creating. This latest offering, “Fade Away”, seems to be Anthony’s walk in the park, at night – foggy, contemplative chords and textures, leading us down ever-winding paths through the thick brush of percussion into clearings that exhale with that shimmer of a moonlight glow. Featured guests lend the perfect narration through the album’s 10 cinematic tracks – honest and deliberate, fluid and emotive with every step.

Years as a radio host have brought Anthony’s sensibilities to a well-tempered sophistication that underscores this release. Adad the emcee is featured on two tracks (“Divide It” and “Sweet Tooth”), and comes out with an undeniable force that locks you into his cadence and wordplay. Maylee Todd and Miles Bonny make appearances along with a few others, each of them blessing and undressing the track they touch, respectively.

The ever-growing artist that is Ant Vala is best exemplified on “Cab Driver”, the closing track on “Fade Away”. Anthony recorded a conversation with a driver while in his cab, and the two of them tap into the very essence of being an artist in these days and times.

Check out the new EP out now “Prelude to the Fade”!

Anthony has created 5 shorts we call #AntValaShorts!

These pieces are beautifully constructed to create the aesthetic of “Fade Away”, through a visual spectrum that can be interpreted as a daily soundtrack, a movie score, or whatever you would like it to be.



Anthony Valadez – Fade Away

Artist: Anthony Valadez
Title: Fade Away
Release date: November 4, 2016
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Anthony Valadez – Prelude To The Fade

Artist: Anthony Valadez
Title: Prelude To The Fade
Release date: September 30, 2016
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Adult Karate – So Low (feat. Adaline)

Tom Terrien – Slae’s Airiline

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