Artist : Radar Cult
Title: Splitting
Release date : 11/24/14
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Tracklist :
1 Chemical Fire 4:14
2 Strange Enough 3:40
3 Found a Way 5:01
4 Dead Weight 3:16
5 Speaking in Code 5:30


Radar Cult

“Ghosts swarm and pull me from my bed, tear me up until there’s nothing left”
Radar Cult, the Los Angeles based duo of Luke Waites and K.C. Maloney, are haunted men. Theirs is the sound of moments past, gone forever. Spaces between the notes are filled with longing; one can almost hear the silence sighing. The ghost of regret glides through the corridors of the music, persistently taking the willowy shape of a former lover. Reverb is the only weapon against the head-on emotional collision coming their way. The words are sighed, whispered, cooed; these are secrets and longings not meant for shouting.

“If someone is asking, I’m speaking in code, I wanna get lost in the waves on the radio…”

The music- grandiose, anthemic, neon- is a fitting contrast to the small moments that populate the lyrics. Upon first listen, the synesthete in you will hear blue and black, appropriate colors for the emotional bruises and icy synths that populate these songs. Orange and ochre then creep in slowly, a wistful autumnal haze hovering around the music’s edges. Dig even deeper and you realize that the colors are smeared, city lights viewed through the passenger window half asleep at high speed, the sound of memory rather than the now. Though the instruments are electronic, there is a thumping heart at the core of it all, warm, human, fragile.

“Got the kerosene cavalry bringing me back from the dead…”

This is music that will possess you. This is an EP; brief, yes, but charged with the weight of a lifetime’s grief. This is two souls being laid bare, giving you entrée into their pain in the hope that you may see your own reflected in it. This is catharsis.

“We change the sequence, and then you’re gone…”