VTech, Bilal and Plug Research want YOU to show us to reprogram a ROBOT!

We want to hear from our fans and are giving you to opportunity to remix Bilal’s “Robots”. We’ll give you the stems, you remix it and send it back to us.
Download ROBOTS Remix Project Stems by PlugResearch Music
Upload HERE will listen to all of your remixes and select a WINNER.

The Winner will receive:
– A prize pack of audible treats from Plug Research.
– The Chance to meet Bilal when he performs in your town.
– A featured remix on the upcoming EP out in January.

**This is a no-compensation contest. One submitted, all versions will become property of Bilal and Plug Research.

The Deadline to submit all remixes is January 7th.

A message from Bilal:
I’m excited about this remix contest we’re having for “Robots.” I can’t wait to hear what each of you come up with! This song is about status and the trickle down effect. I originally wrote this song in my hotel room in Rotterdam when I was on tour with Spike Lee. I kept everything I wrote on this song except for the drums, which Steve Mckie put new drums on the final version. I look forward to listening to everyone’s submissions. This will be a real treat for me.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of French director Mikael Colombu’s “Robots”.

The Sounds of VTech / Bilal: Robots Trailer