Easily one of the most talked about tracks on Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge LP (2010), “Robots” is a thought-provoking record that questions the use of manipulative propaganda by corporate media and the government. Fittingly, on Election Day 2010, Bilal teamed up with French director Mikael Colombu to release the provocative video so jam-packed with social commentary that if you blink you risk missing another jab. Through the multi-media journey the viewer sees the world of politics through Bilal’s eyes. As you watch “Robots” you’ll soon find yourself paying very close attention to
what is really going on, just as the lyrics to the song urge the listener to do.

So great was the response to both the track and video, that in 2011 Plug Research Records hosted an open-call for remix submissions. Producers poured in from far and wide to try their hand at reimagining “Robots” while staying true to its message.

After narrowing down the hundreds of submissions from across the globe, Plug Research is releasing the 7-track Robots Remix EP digitally on May 3, 2011 featuring incredible interpretations by Zack Sekoff, Chuck Treece Featuring Hezekiah & Ishe, Strangeloop, Remy LBO featuring Blu, Hazeem, Stevo & Merse and Tensei.

One thing is certain, with the current political climate around the world, the message of “Robots” is universal. And just as the message is universal, music is about interpretations. So with that, we present the Robots Remix EP for your listening pleasure.

CLICK HERE to listen.

Bilal – Robots Remix Project by Plug Research