Shana Halligan, most well known as the lead singer/songwriter of the sophisticated pop group Bitter:Sweet, stepped out on her own a few years ago. And, with more than 300,000 albums sold and 70+ album credits to her name, Halligan’s first solo endeavor, Paper Butterfly, continued to move the public, charting at #3 on iTunes.

Embarking on her solo career also afforded the Los Angeles native the ability to participate in a series of collaborations, most recently with electronic band innovators Thievery Corporation on their new album, “Saudade”. The “sultry songbird” co-wrote and sings the Washington DC duo’s new hit single “Depth of My Soul”, and also stars in its music video.

“The cinematic clip finds the song’s vocalist…riding a horse through a snowy landscape, stopping to gaze at frozen ex-lovers sitting on the side of the road. It makes for the perfect visuals for the brooding, melodrama of the bossa nova track.”

Riding the momentum and continuing with her artistic exploration, Halligan’s newest project, Shana & The Hooligans, is a collaboration with world renown producer and DJ, Captain Planet. The duo’s first single, “Get Gone”, which premiered on Vibe, is “an upbeat,
swing-style song, that maintains a retro aura fused with modern pop elements.” An updated reincarnation of Bitter:Sweet’s best, “Get Gone” has already been synched into a national Urban Decay Cosmetic campaign.

While the above are her most recent endeavors, the past few years provided Halligan with
the opportunity to stretch her musical muscles through a number of inspired collaborations.

Included among such soulful projects were: writing and recording with friend Serj
Tankian, best known as the lead singer of System Of A Down, to dance guru, Grammy
nominated Morgan Page, to Charles Webster, Wax Taylor, Carmen Rizzo, Eric Rosse,
Alex Cowan and Marc Collins. On the touring front, Halligan spent quite a bit of time
crisscrossing Europe with the French group Nouvelle Vague, which included a sold out
performance in London’s Royal Albert Hall, as well as winding up and down the West Coast
of the States touring her solo project.

As a historical reprise, Bitter:Sweet has been synched into more than 200 movies, television shows, and ad campaigns (some of which include Nurse Jackie, Dancing with the Stars, The Good Wife, Victoria’s Secret, Korbel, Bebe, Sex and The City, The Devil Wears Prada, Harry’s Law, Entourage, Lipstick Jungle (theme song), Duplicity (end title), Ninna Ricci perfume, Nip Tuck, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Cars 2, among others).
With music blaring through multiple mediums, it is difficult to comprehend “humble”
and “rock star” going hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, that sums up Halligan’s brilliance. She
pops; her music, her sex appeal, her sultry voice, her style, her lyrics that resonate and her approachability…it all simply works. But, of course, she’d never tell you this. Rather, she’d just prefer to focus on the music.

The daughter of Dick Halligan (composer, arranger), founding member of Blood Sweat & Tears, Halligan learned at an early age that there are no limits to how far you can go in music. “I’m not really scared of anything. There are so many different angles to work with now. But some things never change, you still have to tour and put out good records.”