Quadron’s Simili Life

Our favorite duo is back with another exclusive video for the Sounds of VTech. Quadron’s “Simili Life,” directed and edited by Melinda James and produced by About Her Films shows us that just because something bad happens doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You gotta roll with the punches. And in the end, all you really need is you…

*Actress: Mara Hruby

An Election Day Special: Bilal’s Robots

On this Election Day 2010, Bilal teams up with French director Mikael Colombu to bring you “Robots”. Come along and join us on this multi-media journey as we see the world of politics through Bilal’s eyes. Mikael’s ability to translate Bilal’s words into imagery, gives us a chance to properly reflect on his ideology of modern times.

To Bilal, people are becoming more like robots through the use of manipulative propaganda by corporate media . This video is his way of opening everyone’s eyes to the truth. As you watch “Robots” you’ll soon find yourself paying very close attention to what is really going on.

Pass this along, and help the robots amongst us.

And don’t forget to make a change by voting today.

Quadron “Average Fruit” video

Quadron have been spending a great deal of time in the states as of late and created a clip to provide a glimpse of their story through their own eyes. After crossing paths with visionary Matt Amato, they developed a synergy , which he set out translate their vision through images he conjured up.

In depth interview with Bilal Oliver

Interview conducted by Sweeney Kovar
Directed and shot by Eric Coleman
Edited by Luke Lynch

This interview took place in September 2009 when Bilal flew to Los Angeles to be a part of Shafiq Husayn’s “cheeba” music video.

Exile – Your Summer Song

Brand new video from Exile featuring J. Mitchell. We are very excited to be releasing his album “AM/FM” at the end of the month. Pre-order it here.

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