Amp Live D.H.E.A. single and video

Amp Lives with James Melo bring us D.H.E.A. single with a debut video.
The single also features an uptempo remix by Shortcircles.
“D.H.E.A.” is a stadium anthem worthy piece featuring the singer from San Francisco Bay Area based, James Melo (formely of Young Science) who makes a special appearance rapping in a modulated voice over a powerful, pulsing beat.
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Coultrain Trailer

A summation of Coultrain’s “Seymour Liberty” story to date, plus a nod to whats ahead in ‘Jungle Mumbo Jumbo’ – his new album available on Plug Research Records, April 23rd.

Dedicated to all the cats who left home to become lions, & all the 1’s who got away, only to become 7 at a time.
Special thanks to Ragen, Mimi, Jessica, Cameron, Sidney & Diahann, Upton, Patrice, Carlos, Mati, & A.T.
Brought to you by the number 23.

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Directed by Knnth Ellbrgr for FRSH SLCTS -
Director Of Photography/Editor: Noah Porter
Assistant DP: Christine Dong
Written by Aaron M. Frison
Narrated by Coultrain
Ending credits: “Y Not?” performed by Coultrain
‘Jungle Mumbo Jumbo’ Original Cover Art by Nate James
Music composed by Ben Lamar


Artist : Mwahaha
Title: Mwahaha
Release date : 03/26/13

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Tracklist :
1 Swimmer 4:21
2 Rainbow Diamond 4:45
3 Poinsettia 3:57
4 Love 2:58
5 Lime Tree 3:50
6 We Build 5:00
7 Rivers and Their Teeth 6:02
8 Sleep Deep 3:20
9 Bathynomus Gigantes 10:58
10 Das Space (Bonus Track) 9:25

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Thavius Beck – Joy

Directed by: PATOX (
Conception & Editing by: PATOX & Madame P.
Produced by: Plugresearch & PATOX

++ More on Thavius Beck

Naytronix – Nightmare

Directed by Christine Hucal

++ More on Naytronix
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