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Nobody DJ Set TONIGHT!!!

Nobody is going to be on the 1s and 2s tonight in the LBC, home to Snoop D O double G, spinning a psych/funk set. The info:

Nobody (www.myspace.com/nobodyelvin)

The Good Foot
1923 E. 7th St. (at Cherry)
Tonight, Feb. 11th @ 11pm

Milosh Blog

Everyone’s favorite Canadian, Milosh, has a blog of his own now! It highlights his talent as a photographer, showing what a multifaceted artist this young genius is. Dig it:


As always, check out Milosh’s MySpace for music and other updates:

His latest album, Meme, drops on March 7th.

Podcasts and Broughtons Oh My

What’s up kiddies,

For those of you wondering how to upload the Podcast to your iPods and other players of choice, the link is below. If you use a podcast aggregator such as iPodder, you can subscribe by pasting this link into the subscription field of your aggregator.


Another awesome David Thomas Broughton review, this time courtesy of Neumu:
DTB on Neumu

New Milosh Video

Milosh has a new video up for his song “Simple People” from his 2004 album You Make Me Feel. The video was directed Os Pois Productions.

Simple People

Milosh’s new album Meme won’t be out until March 7th, but you can hear a track from it in our first Podcast, posted below. Also be sure to check out Milosh’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/milosh for more info.

Plug Research Podcast #1

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may we present the first ever Plug Research Podcast!!!

You can listen to it here:
Plug Research Podcast #1

The tracklisting:
1. Milosh- The City- Meme- Releases March 7th
2. GB- Inner Temple- In the Loop Vol. 3- Releases Feb. 21st
3. Poly- He Is At the Discotheque- The Sound of LA Vol. 1- Releases Feb. 7th
4. Roommate- Tuesday- Songs the Animals Taught Us- Releases April 18th
5. Build an Ark (Dimlite Remix)- The Blessing Song- Build an Ark Remixes- Out Now
6. Flying Lotus- Two Bottom Blues- The Sound of LA Vol. 2- Releases Feb. 7th
7. David Thomas Broughton- Ever Rotating Sky- The Complete Guide to Insufficiency- Out Now

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