Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may we present the first ever Plug Research Podcast!!!

You can listen to it here:
Plug Research Podcast #1

The tracklisting:
1. Milosh- The City- Meme- Releases March 7th
2. GB- Inner Temple- In the Loop Vol. 3- Releases Feb. 21st
3. Poly- He Is At the Discotheque- The Sound of LA Vol. 1- Releases Feb. 7th
4. Roommate- Tuesday- Songs the Animals Taught Us- Releases April 18th
5. Build an Ark (Dimlite Remix)- The Blessing Song- Build an Ark Remixes- Out Now
6. Flying Lotus- Two Bottom Blues- The Sound of LA Vol. 2- Releases Feb. 7th
7. David Thomas Broughton- Ever Rotating Sky- The Complete Guide to Insufficiency- Out Now