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Check out the link below for a free download of “My Room Is White” (Flying Lotus remix) by Mia Doi Todd,
which was taken from her album “La Ninja: Amor and other dreams of Manzanita” in stores now on Plug
Research. The download is being offered for 24 hours as part of KCRW‚s program “Today’s Top Tune.” You can
get it the track from their website (link below) or by going to iTunes and getting their “Today’s Top Tune”

Today’s Top Tune:
Today’s Top Tune is song a day, from KCRWmusic.com, that represents a cross section of KCRW’s eclectic
music format. Tracks selected are chosen from recent and upcoming releases as well as songs performed live
on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Each song will be available for download and podcast 24 hours or until
the next song is posted.


Be sure to check out the whole album which features remixes by Dntel, Nobody, Dungen, Chessie,
AmmonContact, Reminder, Flying Lotus & Adventure Time plus 4 new songs, including her version of The Beatles
song “Norwegian Wood.” Check it out at your favorite music retailer.

Mia Doi Todd- La Ninja: Amor and other dreams of
1. What if We Do? (Nobody Remix)
2. Amor (Adventure Time Remix)
3. Norwegian Wood
4. My Room is White (Dungen remix)
5. Muscle, Bone & Blood (Ammoncontact Remix)
6. Deep At Sea (Dntel remix)
7. The Last Night of Winter (Campanella/Hellie remix)
8. My Room is White (Reminder remix)
9. My Room is White (Flying Lotus remix)
10. Kokoro
11. Muscle, Bone & Blood (Chessie remix)
12. Shikibu

Thanks for the support.