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New Ola Podrida Video “Lost & Found”

Lost & Found by Ola Podrida
Starring Ivan Dimitrov & David Wingo

Ola Podrida – Live this Friday 10/19 @ 9pm – Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn

www.myspace.com/olapodrida www.plugresearch.com

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September Podcast!

– September 2007 –
Roommate – Emidio Antoci – New Steam EP
Flying Lotus – STUNTS – Unreleased
Ras G – Alien Y’all – Unreleased
dntel – untitled – Early Works for me if it Works for you II
dntel featuring Flying Lotus – Damage Control – Unreleased
matthewdavid – blending everything in ourselves – Unreleased
Captain Hands – Nothing Disco – Unreleased 12″
Languis – Sensitive – 7″

Just in case you missed it, here’s the August podcast

– August 2007 –
Roommate – Until Then (Broadcast cover) – New Steam EP
Chessie – Untitled [UNRELEASED TRACK] – Manifest
The Life Force Trio – A Dream of Los Angeles with Clear Blue Skies – Alice! 7″
James Figurine – Other 99 – Covers 7″
Meanest Man Contest – Some People (Just Get off on Breaking Hearts) – Some People EP
Build An Ark – Village Soft – Peace With Every Step
Ola Podrida – Jordanna – Ola Podrida

Pitchforkmedia.com Premiere: Ola Podrida: “Run Off the Road” [Video]

Before forming Ola Podrida, David Wingo worked as a composer on numerous independent films, yet his lyrics– especially on “Run Off the Road”– blend concrete nouns and stream-of-conscious imagery in a way that defies literal visual interpretation. But that only makes this ongoing video project so interesting: Each month, a different director will create a clip for a different song from Ola Podrida’s self-titled debut album. In August, Michael Tully shot a clip for “Photo Booth”. This month, Joe Swanberg, director of Hannah Takes the Stairs, created this quietly erotic piece for “Run Off the Road”. Instead of trying to play out the song’s narrative– about thwarted escape and going home to find it irrevocably changed– Swanberg shoots actors Erin Fisher and Kentucker Audley playing a couple spending an afternoon alone together. Shot in grainy stock, as if these moments are from a home movie long buried in the mind’s attic, the clip only hints at a world beyond these two lovers, leaving their fates ambiguous: are they in the throes of new passion or the autumn of a dying romance? October promises no answers.

Limited Edition Roommate 10″ now available!

Hello music fans, nerds, and freaks!
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