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Roommate EP available today!

Roommate’s digital-only EP, New Steam, is available on iTunes now! This is an excellent precursor to his forthcoming fall album, and features 3 tracks that are exclusive to the EP. For those of you who missed the Roommate podcast, featuring snippets from the EP, you can peep those again here: Roommate Podcast

Otherwise, download that shiznit:
Roommate - New Steam - EP

Samamidon in Stores Today!!!

Samamidon’s much-anticipated But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted is finally in stores today! We love this album and know you will too, so be sure to go out and grab yourself a copy. For those of you who are digitally inclined, you can download it here from iTunes:

Samamidon on iTunes

Samamidon on MySpace: www.myspace.com/samamidon

What the press has to say thus far:
“This is the great American folk album.”
-The Nerve Magazine

“Singer-banjoist Sam Amidon’s repertoire is made up of adapted
American folk songs, but he puts a unique stamp on the material with
his gentle, eerily deadpan voice and subtle arrangements.”
-TimeOut NY

Roommate New Steam EP Podcast

We’re extremely excited about the upcoming release of Roommate’s New Steam EP. It will whet your appetite for the incredible album on the way later in the year. To give you a sneak preview of the EP, we’ve prepared a podcast featuring snippets from all 4 tracks! You can listen here, or download it from iTunes, or from our feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/plugresearch

Roommate Podcast: http://www.plugresearch.com/roommatepodcast.mp3

The tracklist:
1. New Steam
2. Quarterhorses (B-Slow)
3. Until Then
4. Emidio Anotci


Milosh on Dancelife

J. Lo, she of badonkadonk and fly girl dancing skills, has her own brand new reality show on TV called “Dancelife.” On tonight’s episode, we’re proud to let you know that Milosh’s “Couldn’t Sleep” is going to be one of the featured background tracks. We don’t know exactly how the track is going to be used, so you’ll just have to watch the whole episode. You can get more info about the show here:


The show airs tonight, February 5th, at 10:30 PM


Daedelus in The Fader

Daedelus, he of dandy garb and brilliant beats, has graced the pages of The Fader. Lucky for your grubby little paws, we’ve scanned the article for your reading pleasure below

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