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Dublab to Re-release Freeways

dublab presents: freeways

Six years after its initial release on Emperor Norton Records dublab is proud to announce the digital re-release of its first compilation album, “dublab presents: freeways.” This visionary collection, produced by frosty & Carlos Niño, gave the world an early taste of many, now-familiar artists and defined dublab¹s future roots aesthetic. “freeways” is an inspired view into Los Angeles¹ vibrant musical landscape. It is a living time capsule that remains light years ahead.

The landscape presented on “freeways” is expansive. Glowing pockets of beauty from the wide sprawl of Los Angeles are merged into a unified spectrum. These diverse, progressive songs reflect every shade of creative California soul and provide a roadmap to infinite adventure. “dublab presents: freeways” continues to speed sweetly into the future.

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Yesterday's New Quintet - Dublab Presents - Freeways

1. Languis & Fer Chloca – the sky below
2. Daedelus- a mashnote
3. Mia Doi Todd – digital, version 2.1
4. Dntel – if i don’t return
5. John Tejada – i’ll see you in a place with lights
6. Mannequin Lung – is it live?
7. Yesterday’s New Quintet – soul searchin’
8. Divine Styler – shen
9. Damon Aaron – don’t get up again
10. Nowhereman (aka Nobody) – seathrough dolphin smile
11. Ammoncontact – chord (parts 1-2)
12. Skull Valley – death zone reflection
13. Adam Rudolph ­ nawa
14. Daedelus ­ lover¹s dub (digital bonus track)

³Essential and soon-to-be-recognized-as-seminal compilation.²

³This record proves you can use machines to extend the sounds of the body,
instead of using them to build up an ever-mightier electronic fortress.²

³A blissed out compilation of sun drenched music from the city of angels.²


the Labrats


positive . music . driven . lifestyle

Ola Podrida Video Feature

Our friends over at the awesome website Ground Control have put together a great video feature with Ola Podrida. There’s an excellent interview with him in one vid, and a very special solo performance of Jordanna in the other- awesome! You can check it out below:


And don’t forget Ola Podrida is in stores now!


Ola Podrida album mix

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Apparently, blogger thought we were Spam robots, so we couldn’t post anything. So to make up for it, us humans at Plug Research are giving you an Ola Podrida mix featuring snippets of every track from the album! That’s right, a minute-plus preview from every song on one of the year’s best albums. Check it out, and be sure to buy the album when it comes out on Tuesday, April 24th.


Be his friend on MySpace: www.myspace.com/olapodrida

Upcoming New York Shows:
April 26th- Union Hall- Album release party
May 9th- Luna Lounge w/ Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set

Roommate EP available today!

Roommate’s digital-only EP, New Steam, is available on iTunes now! This is an excellent precursor to his forthcoming fall album, and features 3 tracks that are exclusive to the EP. For those of you who missed the Roommate podcast, featuring snippets from the EP, you can peep those again here: Roommate Podcast

Otherwise, download that shiznit:
Roommate - New Steam - EP

Samamidon in Stores Today!!!

Samamidon’s much-anticipated But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted is finally in stores today! We love this album and know you will too, so be sure to go out and grab yourself a copy. For those of you who are digitally inclined, you can download it here from iTunes:

Samamidon on iTunes

Samamidon on MySpace: www.myspace.com/samamidon

What the press has to say thus far:
“This is the great American folk album.”
-The Nerve Magazine

“Singer-banjoist Sam Amidon’s repertoire is made up of adapted
American folk songs, but he puts a unique stamp on the material with
his gentle, eerily deadpan voice and subtle arrangements.”
-TimeOut NY

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