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New free EP from Myth Syzer !

Enjoy the first Myth Syzer experience on Plug Research, with his new “Hyt” EP ! Free download for an email swap.

This is the music I love and the sound I want to achieve right now. To picture it, take a slow-motion surfer who on a at midnight tsunami surf. He falls, he’s gonna drown, he drowns. My music on this EP tells about this wave and his fall, in low-fi.” Myth Syzer

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Naytronix – Nightmare

Directed by Christine Hucal

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Domenico – Cine Privê

Artist : Domenico
Title: Cine Privê
Release date : 06/11/12

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Tracklist :
1. Cine Privê 3:40
2. Os Pinguinhos 2:51
3. 5 Sentidos 3:14
4. Receita 3:42
5. Ondas Do Mar 3:30
6. Fortaleza 2:25
7. Sulla Cita Su Di Te 3:32
8. Sue Beliza 1:56
9. Zona Portuuaria 4:39
10. Hugo Carvana 2:16
11. Peteleco Zum 4:50
12. Uma Porção de Coisas 1:59
13. Família Oca 2:19
14. Receita 4:45 (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Remix) (Bonus track)

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Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show (Single)

Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show (Single) by Plug Research

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Naytronix “Dirty Glow”

Order the new release “Dirty Glow” from Naytronix.
Release date : 10/9/12

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Tracklist :
1.  Hangin’ Out 
2.  In The Summer 
3.  Baby Don’t Walk Away 
4.  Turn Around 
5.  Lead The Way 
6.  Nightmare 
7.  Good Thing 
8.  Elevator To Tomorrow 
9.  Are You Ready For A Good Time
10.  Robotic 
11.  Evil Dancer 

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