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Shortcircles “On My Mind” free Single

Up and coming producer Shortcircles out of Oakland, Ca gives us his debut single from his up coming full length release “Between Waves”
On My Mind features vocalist Sarah K. Melfy, and the single also includes an excellent remix by local LA producer Anenon.
Shortcircles is influenced by a lot of 90’s R&B, and you can definitely feel and hear the aesthetic on this single. We are always happy to bring you forward thinking, and interesting material, so please enjoy the free download of “On My Mind”, and make sure to keep Shortcircles on your radar in 2013.

Between Waves is also available for pre order on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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Coultrain “A Gem Iza Jewel” Video

A Gem Iza Jewel” is the first in a trio of interpretative videos from Jungle Mumbo Jumbo. For this initial installment, we focused on themes of mysticism, the enchantment of women & the illusion of ownership, through a performance piece done in just three shots using only two actors. See if you can unravel the magic….

Thavius Beck – Eye of the Beholder

In early 2011 musician Thavius Beck and animator/director Steve Harms crossed paths for the first time and it wasn’t long before both realized their creative worlds would become intertwined. Both artists had ongoing interest in the others craft and wondered what possibilities could be had should a collaboration take place. Harms recalls seeing visions play out in his head immediately upon hearing Beck’s work as several animated music video ideas presented themselves. The two decided to team up on Beck’s Eye Of The Beholder track which for Harms conjured images of a self-manifesting, digital, astral queen looking over her creation.
The title of Beck’s latest full length album The Most Beautiful Ugly served as a catalyst for Harms to develop quirky personality traits for the videos main character. As the video unfolds the viewer cannot help but discover something quite beautiful inside what at first may have appeared ugly. Beck and Harms blend electrifying sound arrangements with a hybrid of CGI and stop motion animation to tell an unusual story taking place in this odd, alien, other world.

Artist: Thavius Beck
Track: Eye of the Beholder
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Directed & Animated by: Steve Harms
Produced by: Earthling Arts
Website: www.earthlingarts.com

Coultrain – Jungle Mumbo Jumbo

Artist : Coultrain
Title: Jungle Mumbo Jumbo
Release date : 04/23/13

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Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is inspired by Her, the missing pieces, and the generator, operator, and destroyer within. Where the “?” & “answer” led us, Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is the story of Seymour’s search of the ultimate muse, the 7 women involved, the erupting emotions, and the enlightenment born from it.

Coultrain – When 2 and 2 make 1 (an answer)

When 2 and 2 make 1 (an answer) is a piece that Seymour calls from the depths of his being, it is ‘The answer’ he’s been searching for throughout his existence, as they say, everything is complicated because everything is so simple. This piece also serves as an allusion and a foreshadow of what occurred during his return from sabbatical. Thus his journey begins searching for the lady who will complete the equation.

WHEN 2 AND 2 MAKE 1 (AN ANSWER) music composed and mixed by DEXTER STORY

when 2 and 2 make 1
a moment can glimpse paradise
drown me in the center of your magic
teasin u, melts inside the webs of my lonely fingers
when 2 and 2 make 1
the outside world’s a foggy mirror
only in your eyes, am I immortalized
oh spread your lips apart, truly a work of art
soon you’ll be fast asleep…
and if there’s an endless mystery I think I’ve found it
when 2 and 2 make 1
when 2 and 2 make 1

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