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Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show (Single)

Pegasus Warning – Nothing2Show (Single) by Plug Research

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Naytronix “Dirty Glow”

Order the new release “Dirty Glow” from Naytronix.
Release date : 10/9/12

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Tracklist :
1.  Hangin’ Out 
2.  In The Summer 
3.  Baby Don’t Walk Away 
4.  Turn Around 
5.  Lead The Way 
6.  Nightmare 
7.  Good Thing 
8.  Elevator To Tomorrow 
9.  Are You Ready For A Good Time
10.  Robotic 
11.  Evil Dancer 

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Nothing Thought

Artist: Sonnymoon
Title: Nothing Thought
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Tracklist :
1 Nothing Thought 4:05
2 Nothing Thought (Natural Self Remix) 3:40

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The Most Beautiful Ugly

Artist: Thavius Beck
Title: The Most Beautiful Ugly
Cat#: PLG138
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Tracklist :
01 Eye of the Beholder (intro)
02 Break til Broken
03 ABV
04 Atmos
05 Feel Me_Fear Me
06 Whether or Not
07 Labward Bound
08 Terror Byte
09 Imma Get So
10 Joy (Bring It)
11 In Your Eyes
12 Ain’t Nothin
13 Tears of Fire
14 Altered Minions
15 Shucky Ducky Chuckie
16 Remember, You Can Never (iTunes Bonus)

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Naytronix – Baby Don’t Walk Away (audio+video)

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