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Coultrain – Jungle Mumbo Jumbo

Artist : Coultrain
Title: Jungle Mumbo Jumbo
Release date : 04/23/13

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Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is inspired by Her, the missing pieces, and the generator, operator, and destroyer within. Where the “?” & “answer” led us, Jungle Mumbo Jumbo is the story of Seymour’s search of the ultimate muse, the 7 women involved, the erupting emotions, and the enlightenment born from it.

Coultrain – When 2 and 2 make 1 (an answer)

When 2 and 2 make 1 (an answer) is a piece that Seymour calls from the depths of his being, it is ‘The answer’ he’s been searching for throughout his existence, as they say, everything is complicated because everything is so simple. This piece also serves as an allusion and a foreshadow of what occurred during his return from sabbatical. Thus his journey begins searching for the lady who will complete the equation.

WHEN 2 AND 2 MAKE 1 (AN ANSWER) music composed and mixed by DEXTER STORY

when 2 and 2 make 1
a moment can glimpse paradise
drown me in the center of your magic
teasin u, melts inside the webs of my lonely fingers
when 2 and 2 make 1
the outside world’s a foggy mirror
only in your eyes, am I immortalized
oh spread your lips apart, truly a work of art
soon you’ll be fast asleep…
and if there’s an endless mystery I think I’ve found it
when 2 and 2 make 1
when 2 and 2 make 1

Coultrain – 13th Floor (the ‘?’)

The “13th Floor (the ‘?’) is a piece that illustrates the inevitable question that Seymour must face when returning from his sabbatical. And because this music and poetry serves as a mirror for the universe, its a reflection of the question, though worded different ways, that we all confront, am i who i am, do i think what i think, do i love who i love, do i prefer what i prefer, because i chose or…? and then whats the solution?

13th FLOOR feat. J. MITCHELL composed by K.T. the TERRIBLE
mixed by O’MMAS KEITH

Amp Live D.H.E.A. single and video

Amp Lives with James Melo bring us D.H.E.A. single with a debut video.
The single also features an uptempo remix by Shortcircles.
“D.H.E.A.” is a stadium anthem worthy piece featuring the singer from San Francisco Bay Area based, James Melo (formely of Young Science) who makes a special appearance rapping in a modulated voice over a powerful, pulsing beat.
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Coultrain Trailer

A summation of Coultrain’s “Seymour Liberty” story to date, plus a nod to whats ahead in ‘Jungle Mumbo Jumbo’ – his new album available on Plug Research Records, April 23rd.

Dedicated to all the cats who left home to become lions, & all the 1’s who got away, only to become 7 at a time.
Special thanks to Ragen, Mimi, Jessica, Cameron, Sidney & Diahann, Upton, Patrice, Carlos, Mati, & A.T.
Brought to you by the number 23.

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Directed by Knnth Ellbrgr for FRSH SLCTS -http://freshselects.net
Director Of Photography/Editor: Noah Porter
Assistant DP: Christine Dong
Written by Aaron M. Frison
Narrated by Coultrain
Ending credits: “Y Not?” performed by Coultrain
‘Jungle Mumbo Jumbo’ Original Cover Art by Nate James
Music composed by Ben Lamar

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