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Beneath The Surface | Thavius Beck

In this video Thavius folds Surface into his creative process, using Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live. We see how its versatility has changed the way he composes, performs, teaches.

Shana Halligan: Back to me

Artist: Shana Halligan
Title: Back To Me
Format: Full Length LP+CD
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SH_Album V1

Tom Terrien: Bodylinology

Artist: Tom Terrien
Title: Bodylinology
Format: EP
Release date : August 21th
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Shana Halligan: Back To Me

Artist:  Shana Halligan
Title: Back To Me
Format:  Full Length LP+CD
Release date : October 16th

SH_Album V1

Shana Halligan: Been Waiting

Artist : Shana Halligan
Title: Been Waiting (Single)
Release date : August 14th
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Been Waiting 1500x1500-2
The premier of the song : http://www.popmatters.com/post/196328-shana-halligan-been-waiting-audio-premiere/

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