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Shana Halligan: Back to me

Artist: Shana Halligan
Title: Back To Me
Format: Full Length LP+CD
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Tom Terrien: Bodylinology

Artist: Tom Terrien
Title: Bodylinology
Format: EP
Release date : August 21th
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Shana Halligan: Back To Me

Artist:  Shana Halligan
Title: Back To Me
Format:  Full Length LP+CD
Release date : October 16th

SH_Album V1

Shana Halligan: Been Waiting

Artist : Shana Halligan
Title: Been Waiting (Single)
Release date : August 14th
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Been Waiting 1500x1500-2
The premier of the song : http://www.popmatters.com/post/196328-shana-halligan-been-waiting-audio-premiere/

Tom Terrien – Proposition video

We are extremely excited to have signed such an amazing artist, Tom Terrien. He comes to us with a very special musical video for your enjoyment!


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